We support you with your thesis in the area of sleep, dreaming and technology


Are you on the verge of completing your bachelor's or master's studies and on the lookout for a captivating thesis topic? Why not delve into the fascinating realm of sleep and dream technology? Whether you're inclined towards experimental studies, literature research, data analysis, or another form, we are happy to support you with your thesis. Past topics have included targeted dream incubation, WiFi-based sleep tracking, AI-supported communication with lucid dreamers, and memory consolidation during sleep.

Your Tasks

Your collaboration with us includes various tasks based on the type of thesis you select. These tasks range from designing and conducting studies to collecting and analyzing data, making you a crucial part of the entire research process. You will have regular update sessions with us, ensuring a supportive environment. If you face any challenges, we are here to assist you during our regular calls. Additionally, there is a possibility for your research results to be published, potentially making you the first author in a scientific journal, which is a valuable experience beyond your thesis evaluation.

General Conditions

All of us and the students working on their theses do so voluntarily, driven by passion and dedication. While contributing to your academic journey, you will also be part of meaningful work that has the potential to improve lives. Enjoy the process, gain interesting experiences, and depending on the institute's financial situation, your expenses for experiments and ideas may be covered. You also have the flexibility to work from wherever you prefer.

Next Steps

Ensure your study regulations allow thesis work at an external institution like the Institute of Sleep and Dream Technologies. Check for any specific program requirements and then contact us using the form below. Include a brief description of your skills and any potential topic ideas you might have. If you don't have a topic in mind, we can help you find the perfect subject. We will then connect with you to discuss how we can proceed with this opportunity. Please note that we maintain high supervision standards, and while we would like to accept everyone, we must limit the number of students we supervise to ensure quality support. Let's start this academic journey together!