The Institute

Our mission

Our mission is to improve our sleep and our dreams. We invent technology that restores good sleep if we have trouble with it. And we research new technologies that could give us a whole new way of sleeping and dreaming.

Why non-profit

It is important for us to be aware of the ethical consequences of our research. We do not want a future in which commercial tech giants manipulate us with advertising while we sleep. We also do not want any other dystopian sleep futures like in "1984". That is why we are non-profit and not driven by commercial interests, but solely by our common goal: A better sleep and dream experience for everyone.

We are active in four areas


Imagining new sleep and dream technologies

  • Generating ideas about the future sleep and dreaming is step one. The institute participates in conferences and workshops, searches for new sleep and dream technology ideas on the internet, in science fiction books and movies and conducts idea competitions. Ethical considerations are also part of this activity field.


Finding ways to bring the ideas to life

  • Designing, developing, coding, building tools and methods is the second activity field of the institute, step by step moving closer to the new technologies. Often, seemingly insurmountable challenges exist for which a solution needs to be found somehow. Making the impossible possible, you could say.


Understanding sleep and dreaming better

  • The new tools and methods, which are developed in the second activity field, are used in scientific studies about sleep and dreaming in order to understand these phenomena better. The institute cooperates with researchers from many other institutions and publishes the study results together with them.


Making the new techs available for everyone

  • Many scientific sleep and dream experiments take place in sleep laboratories, need expensive equipment and skilled personell. The institute wants to bring the new technologies, which it invents, to the "real world" so that everyone can benefit from them at home. This also includes usability tests of new tools and methods.